Zachary’s Success Story

VDC_ZacharyZachary’s Success Story brings tears to our eyes. This precious little boy won our hearts! Dr. Ashley and staff fell in love with Zachary and his family. Here’s Mom’s thoughts on his treatment here and success:

“Zachary Sinnk was born with brain anomalies, and visual impairment. Because of these obstacles he is developmentally delayed. We were told by an ophthalmologist that Zach couldn’t be helped, that there was nothing that could be done to improve his situation. After additional research I learned of The Vision Development Center and was able to have Zach seen by Dr. Ashley Reddell. She saw potential for him to improve and agreed to take him on as a patient. After only two sessions, Zach showed improvement! The team at the Vision Development Center not only helped Zach to improve, but they counseled me and his care provider on exercises we can do at home, and ways to help him improve. I was very impressed with their positive outlook and openness, as well as their resolve to help him, and help us learn. They have really made a difference in our lives. I would recommend their services to anyone.”