Staff Spotlight – Alicia Larkin


Alicia Larkin

Alicia came to Family EyeCare Center from Ten Penny’s. She used to wait on the doctors during their lunches. She also worked at Sonic and our clinic coordinator saw exceeding expectations and got her to come in for an interview. Alicia’s favorite part of the office is our caring, sensitive people that surround this place every day! Her main job here in the office to scribe for Dr. Kelly, Alicia makes sure our electronic medical records are up to date. She also is a pretester and helps the patients before the doctors see them, her official title is a Certified Paraoptometric.

Alicia enjoys her time off with her boys, Logan and Talen. They love to play basketball, go for walks and pretty much anything they can do outdoors. If she had more free time she would definitely do more sewing and making her own clothes. She is from a small town in southern Illinois. She is has been in this wonderful city of Leavenworth for 7 years now and she just thinks it’s amazing. She does make several trips home when she can to visit all of her close-knit family especially her Mom, Dad and 2 brothers! Alicia besides her boys here she has her 2 dogs Bane and Raven and they keep her company a lot of the time!


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