Makayla’s Vision Therapy Success Story


Picture 172

          Our five-year old daughter has always enjoyed reading, but now she can read for a longer time without her eyes getting tired. Before vision therapy, which she did for 18, both eyes tended to unfocus if she looked at something longer than a few seconds she would see double. Now that happens rarely. She can also cross her eyes now; something she was unable to do before. Her hand-eye coordination has improved, which makes catching and throwing a ball easier. Our daughter has also mentioned that her balance has improved. I can tell that her eyes are stronger now when she reads music to play piano. The notes were sometimes hard for her to see. When the pediatrician tested her vision, it improved from 20/30 to 20/16 using both eyes. She enjoyed her time at Vision Therapy and we would recommend Dr. Ashley and her team at Family EyeCare Center to anyone. Thankyou!


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