Calvin’s Vision Therapy Success Story

              Calvin started eye therapy when his reading teacher noticed he was unable to follow reading a line from left to right. I immediately took him for an exam assuming he needed glasses. His vision was fine but the ability for his eyes to work together, was not. Services for special needs are often limited to the Kansas City area. Having Dr. Ashley and the Vision Therapy Center in Leavenworth was wonderful. Calvin has always been reluctant to do work on challenging/ difficult issues. Nikki and Christine did a great job keeping him on task and working. Calvin went from not being able to read with any consistency to understanding the process of reading. For Calvin, vision therapy was no panacea, it was a step along the path that helped us to understand how many things impede his ability to learn. Without vision therapy, we would not have realized how severe his dyslexia and sensory issues are, and with that knowledge, we can better help our child. Thank you for the lifelong gift you have given to Cal.

 Written by: Rebecca (mom)


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