Family EyeCare Center Staff Spotlight: Sheila Doby

Staff Spotlight


Name: Sheila Doby, 2 years @ Family EyeCare Center Leavenworth, Kansas

Month: August

  • How did you get into the optometry business?
    • I was in banking for 15 years. I got laid off and then decided that I wanted to do something in the healthcare department.


  • What is your favorite thing at the office?
    • This job is very hard, but once you learn everything it is very rewarding. I also feel like family here. The doctors are very generous and really good to us.


  • What is your role/responsibility in the office?
    • I am an optician. I help patients with picking out the right frame, shape, color and size. I also help patients choose the right lenses that best suit them. And I help troubleshoot when patients are having any issues with their glasses.


  • What are your hobbies/favorite things to do?
    • I love being with my family and my kids. I like the outdoors and I LOVE college football. I am a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan!


  • Family info:
    • I am married to my wonderful husband of 11 years. His name is Adam. I have two boys, Sawyer is 5 years old and Noah is 6 years old. We also have two dogs and their names are Bella and Sammie.  

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