Grace’s Vision Therapy Success Story

Grace came to The Vision Development Center because of her problems with reading. Here is her story told by her mom.


Grace struggled to read below her grade level before VT, and she did not enjoy it much. Today Grace read just below or at her grade level. She has also increased the amount of words she can read per minute. She has proven this in testing here and at school. There is much less stumbling over words, or flipping words around in sentences. Grace enjoys reading more, and is much more confident about it.


Schoolwork took longer before VT also. She did not like word searches and now completes them with no trouble. Math work has become easier also. Grace has much more confidence with her schoolwork and a lot of the time insists on completing it without help. Grace received straight A’s this 1st semester in 4th grade.


Grace truly enjoyed going to therapy each week, she never once complained. She did complain about some of the homework, but tried her best. This was a wonderful experience for Grace, us her parents, and her grandmother, who brought her most weeks.


We believe that with the skills we have learned through this program that Grace will only continue to improve her abilities and confidence.


Thank you!


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