Staff Spotlight: Whitney Gardner


Staff Spotlight


Name: Whitney Gardner, 5 years @ Family EyeCare Center Leavenworth, Kansas

Month: April

  • How did you get into the optometry business?
    • A friend told me about the job opportunity so I applied and got the job. My son has always worn glasses since he was an infant, so I have always been interested in the optometric field.


  • What is your favorite thing at the office?
    • My favorite thing has got to be the staff parties. When we all get together it’s always fun and everyone has a good time.


  • What is your role/responsibility in the office?
    • Pre-tester; I perform all of the tests prior to the patient seeing the doctor, including any special tests for our retina and glaucoma patients.


  • What are your hobbies/ favorite things to do?
    • I love spending time with my family. Watching TV/movies is also something I like. My DVR is my favorite piece of technology. I get to catch up on all of my shows that I miss.


  • Family info:
    • My husband Bill and I have been married for 6 years. We moved to Leavenworth when we started our family and now have a son Cody, 7 years old and a daughter Addison, 3 years old.

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