Gage’s Vision Therapy Success Story

Gage came to The Vision Development Center after concern with changes and problems in school and his behavior. He had tried many other options before coming to the center. Here is his story told by his mom.

Prior to Vision Therapy Gage was struggling in school. Reading was difficult for him, he lacked concentration and wasn’t focusing on class work. He had always been a very bright outgoing kid but things had changed. He was falling behind and his teachers were worried that he possibly had a learning disability or attention deficit disorder. We talked to our pediatrician. We tried counseling with no change. We had regular eye testing which all came out fine. Needless to say we were all becoming very frustrated. Gage’s self-esteem was at an all time low. In search for answers we had him evaluated by Dr. Ashley, who had come recommended from our regular eye doctor. He was enrolled in Vision Therapy and with much patience and determination: the staff came up with activities to make therapy both therapeutic and fun. After being enrolled in therapy for a few short months Gage has improved immensely in school and loves to read. His confidence is improving daily and he is getting back to his old self again. We are grateful to Dr. Ashley and her staff for all of their hard work and dedication to Gage.


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