Staff Spotlight: Cheynet McGuire

Name: Cheynet McGuire, 6 years @ Family EyeCare Center Leavenworth, Kansas

Month: March

  • How did you get into the optometry business?
    • In 1998 I applied to an Optometric Practice in Parsons, Kansas. I got the job and then in 2005 my husband and I moved to Leavenworth. I applied at Family EyeCare Center, formerly known as Drs. Norris and Kelly’s office, and started in January 2006
  • What is your favorite thing at the office?
    • I love our family/ friendly atmosphere. We have all built friendships with one another and it makes working here enjoyable.
  • What is your role/responsibility in the office?
    • Insurance coordinator. I do all of the insurance filing and billing for the office. I also fill in when needed in other areas of the office.
  • What are your hobbies/ favorite things to do?
    • Currently sleeping since we have a 6 month old baby girl! But I also like to go to Flea Markets and garage sales.
  • Family info:
    • My husband’s name is Jason. We’ve been married for 15 years and last September we welcomed a baby girl into our lives and her name is Lily.

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