Free Vision Therapy Workshop!!

Sign up now for our FREE workshop! It will be held Monday March 12th @ 6:30pm -7:30pm. This month Dr. Ashley will be speaking on how ADD and Visiual Dysfunctions have some of the same indicators. Seats are limited, call to reserve a spot @ 913-682-3937.

Some of these examples are:
Attention span becomes shorter during close-up work

Restless when facing work that requires prolonged near vision

Disturbs others when classwork involves reading or writing

Concentrates well on video games, but not on reading, writing or mathematics

Seems compelled to touch everything

Bumps into things, trips or falls instead of stepping over, around steps, carpet edges or objects

Hates to read, but likes being read to by others

Takes medication, but still has problems concentrating whenever near vision work is


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