Jett’s Vision Therapy Success Story

Jett is an awesome guy who came to The Vision Development Center after having troubles in school. Here is his story written part my his mom and part by Jett.

Since Kindergarten our son Jett has had a difficult time with school. It really escalated in 2nd grade, math & spelling were triggers for him. We had know idea why it was so hard for him. We didn’t see the same behavior at home.

Since Jett has started Vision Therapy, school has become so much better. His attitude is better, homework is easier. He is able to keep up with schoolwork easier. Jett used to have negative feelings about himself, he thought that he was not as smart as the other students. Now he feels much better about himself. His reading has improved greatly. He is reading at his grade level above. Comprehension has improved also. Testing at school with no errors. In September school testing showed 44 words per min 6 errors, average 3rd grader 77 wpm, December testing 109 wpm no errors. Math has also improved.

We are so grateful for Dr. Ashley, Miss Nikki, Miss Christine and Miss Sarah, and everything they have done for Jett

Written by: Danielle (mom)

Vision Therapy has really helped me. Spelling is easier. Reading is a lot easier. Everything is easier. I like school more.  Thank you!

Written by: Jett


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