Pat’s Vision Therapy Success Story


Pat is a 66 year old amazing woman who came to the Vision Development Center looking for answers to her vision problems. Her vision problems had become so bad over the past few years it started interfering with her daily activities. Here is Pat’s story in her own words:
Wow, where to start!
While still in school, I knew I had trouble tracking. For years I could compensate, but as time passed it ca…me more and more difficult to do so. About seven to eight years ago I could no longer read for longer than 5 minutes to an hour because of blurriness and eye stress. The blurriness carried over to watching TV, knitting and other activities. When taking stairs, I had to stop and study the steps because for every step I saw 2 or 3 steps. Using a railing was a must.
It amazed me that within 2 to 3 weeks of beginning Vision Therapy, I noticed great improvement. I hardly had any blurriness or eye stress and it continued to improve over the next few weeks. Then about half way through the 20 week sessions, I noticed that I wasn’t stopping to study stairs before starting and was taking my eyes off the stairs while proceeding on the stairs. What a change?
I loved doing the activities and the progress was a great motivator. Sarah, my therapist, was extremely positive and a delight as was the rest of the staff. I’ll miss you all.
Thank you Vision Center.

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