Attention: Contact Lens Wearers!




By Teresa, Optical Manager @ Family EyeCare Center

Do you wear “disposable” contact lenses?  Are you complying with your replacement schedule as prescribed by your eye doctor?  Many complications from contact lens wear can be prevented by following a routine replacement schedule.  How about a reminder on your smart phone?  A specially chosen alarm should tell you when those lenses need replacing. You don’t need the hassle of eye infections! If you have an eye infection, you need to immediately schedule an eye appointment, throw away the pair of contacts you’re wearing, sterilize your contact lens case and start wearing your “back-up” glasses.

  Please do not neglect your eye health-you know the dentist can give you new teeth, but you cannot replace your vision!  Contact lenses are medical devices; they should be treated like any other prescription.  See your eye doctor regularly and DON’T OVERWEAR CONTACTS!!

 By the way, when was the last time you updated your glasses?  If you can’t remember, it’s time for a new pair.  You may not even be able to pass a driver examiner’s eye test with those beat-up and scratched lenses.  We have an in-house lab and can usually make a pair of glasses in LESS THAN AN HOUR!  Our 50% off frame sale is still going on, and we have some great looking metal and plastic frames.  It’s time for a new look; geek chic looks good on just about anyone, and you can launch any search engine and find people of all ages wearing the chunky styles.  Our opticians love showing frames and we’ll be glad to try the latest trends on you!


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