Ayden’s Vision Therapy Success Story

Ayden came to the Vision Development Center after trying ADD medication and being diagnosed with ADD. She is a very nice and sweet young lady. We were very glad we were able to help her! Here is her story written by her mom.

My daughter began having noticeable difficulty in school in 2nd grade. Her written work was sloppy, unfinished and full of errors. She was able to spell words correctly verbally that were misspelled in her written work and she missed many details. She hated to read silently or out loud. She complained that her eyes hurt or that the words were blurry. When reading out loud she constantly repeated small phrases before she would go on to read the next phrase. We finished her homework together every night. I often felt like I had to interpret the worksheet pages for her and teach her how to think.

 Even though she didn’t daydream in school, didn’t need a timer to complete her work, or wasn’t constantly off task. We pursued an ADD diagnosis and for 1 year we basically GAVE her ADD in their form of Concerta (ADD medicine) and later Vyvanse (ADD medicine). During this time she developed anxiety, tics, chewed her entire fingernails off and became very sensitive to sensory triggers.

 A change in physicians and a referral from a friend found us at Dr. Ashley’s office to see if the difficulties we were seeing were not caused by ADD, but rather visual tracking, deficiencies. My husband and I knew immediately as we began filling out the paperwork at Dr. Ashley’s office that this could be it. The questions were describing our daughter much better than any ADD Connors Form ever did. She was taken off the ADD meds and began the program. The homework and activities were spot on and we began to see improvement. She now gets A’s and B’s rather than C’s and she enjoys reading. She actually finishes chapter books!! J I could say so much more! We are very happy!! More importantly our daughter feels successful and she is!


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