Staff Spotlight: Donna Kreutzer

Staff Spotlight


Name: Donna Kreutzer, 13 years @ Family EyeCare Center of Leavenworth, Kansas

 Month: November


  • How did you get into the optometry business?
    • I started in 1973 as an optician at the EENT Clinic (Civil Services) on Fort Leavenworth. I got out of it for about 10 years and then came to Dr. Norris and Dr. Kelly’s office to get back in a again.


  • What is your favorite thing at the office?
    • Everyone on staff is so friendly and fun! We are like one big family.


  • What is your role/responsibility in the office?
    • I am a certified optician. I help people of all ages, children and adults, choose their fashion eyewear and I also do contact lens teachings, plus a lot of other behind the scenes responsibilities.


  • What are your hobbies/ favorite things to do?
    • I like reading, sewing and gardening. My favorite is my two grandkids. They are the light of my life, but I just wish that they lived closer than California.


  • Family info:
    • My husband’s name is Kent, and together, we have two daughters, Kristi and Heidi. I have two grandkids: Kaydence, 6 years old and Brennan, 4 years old. And I have one dog and two cats.



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