Staff Spotlight: Teresa Minoglio

Staff Spotlight


Name:  Teresa Minoglio, 16 years @ Family EyeCare Center of  Leavenworth, Kansas

How did you get into the optometry business?

  • Way back in 1995 I had an appointment for an eye exam with Dr. Norris. I asked if the office was hiring, and they were! I started on July 31st, 1995.

What is your favorite thing at the office?

  • My favorite thing at the office is helping the patients pick out their new glasses. I also enjoy the companionship of all of the staff, we are a fun group!

What is your role/responsibility in the office?

  •  My role is to assist the doctors in day-to-day care of our patients, and everyone else who comes through our doors on a daily basis. I also order all of the frames that we carry in the dispensary.

What are your hobbies/ favorite things to do?

  • I love gardening, and I enjoy singing and playing my guitar. When it starts to get too cold for gardening, crocheting is another past time that relaxes me. I also like to try new recipes my husband comes across on the internet or while watching the cooking channels

Family info:

  • I have a husband named Vic, and together we have four grown children along with two grandchildren.

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