Tommy’s Vision Therapy Success Story

Tommy started vision therapy at the Vision Development Center as a frustrated 17-year-0ld.  After vision therapy he is planning on graduating high school early and as his mom reports, he is a much more confident, happy guy.  Here is Tommy’s story in his own words:

“Before I started vision therapy I hated school. I hated reading, hated writing, hating paying attention to it. And I knew it would only get worse if I continued not to pay attention or not do my work. I had a lot of anxiety. So I’m really glad I agreed to do Vision Therapy. Even after the first session I could tell a difference. Especially in my math class. I understood everything the teacher was teaching us. And it only got better from there. Now I’m taking harder classes and applying myself more because I know I can. I actually don’t mind, even like, to read and write. I want to say thank you to everyone that helped me find my potential.  Thank You!”


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