Staff Spotlight: Lori Adams

Staff Spotlight

Name: Lori Adams, 19 years @ Family EyeCare Center of  Leavenworth, Kansas

Month: August

How did you get into the optometry business?

  • I started working for Dr. Hammeke shortly after high school and really enjoyed working with patients.

 What is your favorite thing at the office?

  • My co-workers! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Especially Kelly, the office manager, who makes everyone’s life and job balance. And the eye doctors who make the staff feel appreciated. And the cool sunglass selection!

 What is your role/responsibility in the office?

  • I work with patients, helping with contacts, eyeglass selections and adjustments. I also help in the lab with lens fabrication.

 What are your hobbies/ favorite things to do?

  • I love going to estate sales/garage sales. I play piano and love running especially with my youngest son, Sam, in the stroller.

 Family info:

  • Husband Jeff, Student recourse officer atTonganoxieHigh Schooland works with the Leavenworth Sheriff Department.
  • 4 children: Sydney Freshman 14 years old, Josh 7th grade 12 years old, Sarah 4th grade 9 years old, all are in theLansing school district, and Sam almost 2 years old

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