Alyssa’s Vision Therapy Story

Alyssa was seen at Vision Development Center, Leavenworth, KS

We had no idea our little girl was having such a hard time visualizing what she was attempting to read. All we knew was that her reading skills were suffering, and her test scores were going down. With a little help from family and friends we discovered the concept of visual therapy. After a series of test we found out that Alyssa was seeing double as far as nineteen inches from her face. No wonder she was struggling to read. She was struggling to see! With the help of Dr. Reddell and company, Alyssa’s vision seems to have greatly improved. She is able to read easily and with fluency, and her scores have improved to age appropriate levels. More importantly, she is less frustrated with reading, and once again enjoys it. We feel bad knowing that all that time she was experiencing a setback she didn’t know how to explain. But thanks, visual therapy those days are over. We feel tremendous joy knowing that the struggles she was facing will no longer stand in her way.

 Written by: Christina (mom)


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