Sarah’s Vision Therapy Success Story

Hi everyone!

            I would like to tell you a story… Once there was a girl who hated reading and writing.  She had a hard time playing games like kick-ball, dodge-ball and catch.  She wad uncoordinated, tripped over her own feet, and was always bumping into things. School was difficult. Spelling was near impossible. She would get horrible headaches, and feel sick to her stomach when she read.

After awhile and with some tutoring, her reading and spelling improved some, but she still got headaches and was uncoordinated in sports.

 Last fall, she started vision therapy.  Now,

-she can focus better when reading (without headaches!)

-she does better at games that require hand eye coordination

-she hasn’t tripped over anything (including her own two feet) in a long time

 AND it’s all thanks to Dr. Reddell, Miss Sarah and Miss Nikki.

 Thank you, vision therapy, I’ll never forget what you’ve done…oh…and that girl in the story is ME!

 Written by Sarah V.


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